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Single Sided Gas Fireplaces
Direct Vent Fireplaces
  Direct Vent fireplaces have a sealed, glass-fronted combustion chamber that keeps the byproducts of combustion out of the living space. Air is drawn into the firebox from outside the home using a special co-axial flue pipe system. This 'pipe within a pipe' also exhausts the flue products outside the home. Direct vent fireplaces offer good efficiency because they don't steal heated air from the living space.
B-Vent Fireplaces
  B-Vent fireplaces (sometimes called Top Vent or Natural Vent) draw air into the combustion chamber from inside the home. This fresh air is mixed with gas and burned in the fireplace. The fireplace exhausts the byproducts of combustion outside of your home using a dedicated B-Vent flue pipe. Although fresh air is used from inside your home, products of combustion are never vented into your home.
Luxor Fireplaces
  Luxor MB line of builder unit gas fireplaces:
Vent Free Fireplaces
  A Vent Free fireplace does not use a chimney or flue pipe. These fireplaces burn extremely clean so the byproducts of combustion can be vented back into the room. This eliminates the need for a chimney resulting in lower installation costs. Because they do not send hot flue gases up the chimney, these fireplaces are extremely heat-efficient. All models feature an Oxygen Depletion Sensor for maximum safety.

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