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M & H Fireplace Ltd. was founded on the principles of making a fireplace the heart of a home, a focal point for people to gather around and enjoy each others company.

"The Design of a Fireplace - must be a focal point, a piece of furniture in itself."

In order to achieve these principles, design, décor, ambience, warmth and comfort must be the overriding factors able to be physically developed for any customers needs, by direct involvement with as many of the natural senses as possible - touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. The experience must be complete.

Whether catering for new home installations, retro fitting into an existing masonry fireplace or outdoor situations, M & H Fireplace Ltd. is able to match and create innovative solutions for any situation whether in wood, gas or electric.

The feedback we gain from working with homebuilders and homeowners drives the development of new design solutions or product enhancements. If an idea is to evolve into a product that shifts the market, it must successfully complete many steps. The innovation must pass rigorous tests in the Reliability Lab at corporate headquarters. Then the Marketing Group must translate the technology into a product that offers true benefits. Before that product reaches consumers, it is again lab-tested extensively under a variety of simulated conditions.

This thorough process can take up to two years. All of the upfront verification, however, pays off later in product quality and reliability. In fact, our products enjoy what may be the lowest service call rate in the fireplace industry. By questioning and testing every innovation, we uphold our brand integrity.

As a manufacturer with multiple facilities we have the capability to adjust our production levels to respond quickly to increased demand and maintain a seamless flow of inventory.

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